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How To Keep Our Community Safe From The Coronavirus

**Originally Posted Tuesday, 31 March 2020Here are some preventative methods and information via the World Health Organization that can help keep our community informed and safe while we all face new challenges during the current Coronavirus outbreak.

Help Share these tips with our community so that we can all help #FlattenTheCurve! 


We asked and you generously delivered. Thank you.
**Originally Posted Thursday, 16 January 2020As an appreciation of your generosity and thoughtfulness, we want to take a moment to thank you!Your charitable donation to Garland Police Association FOP Lodge 269 means that we can continue to positively impact our community and support its local causes. This is what paying it forward is all about. By giving back in 2019 you’ve now shown others that you care about the future of our neighborhood.Your generosity shows that you care about our l...

Thanks to Members of Holy Grace Tabernacle
**Originally Posted Sunday, 11 August 2019The members of the Holy Grace Tabernacle and Officers Birdwell and Smith combined efforts to assist a young lady having a mental health crisis. During church services, this subject walked into the sanctuary asking for help. Through collaborated teamwork, she was provided with spiritual guidance and counseling by church staff, while Officers were able to facilitate professional assistance. The GPA would like to thank the members of the Holy Grace Ta...

Helping out at Hugs Cafe, Inc.
**Originally Posted by Sunday, 02 June 2019Hugs Cafe, Inc. wrote the following: In a day and age where positive comments and a thank you can be hard to come by, let me give you this. On June 1, 2019, Officer Matt Smith of the Garland Police Department showed up and made a difference. The event was the Hugs Cafe Summer Social which is a summer dance for folks with developmental disabilities and their families. Matt volunteered his time as a face painter. Both the young kids and older kids...

Police Memorial Beautification Project
**Originally Posted Friday, 03 May 2019Zach Moore and members of the First Baptist Church of Garland Youth Ministry have arrived at the Garland Police Department, and have begun their important beautification work at the Police Memorial. GPA President Matt Smith and Chief Bryan were on hand to welcome them to the Police Department and thank them for helping to make the Memorial more attractive.

A Day at the Range
**Originally Posted Tuesday, 23 April 2019From Garland Police Association FOP Lodge 269 President Matt Smith: "I have always enjoyed qualifying at the range, gives Officers a chance to run into old friends and those in different areas of the PD that they normally don't have a chance to see. Today I ran into Lt. Kemp, SRO Lee Carter, and spotlight Officer of the Month Clint Korenek. Scott Ehrman and Scott Litchenberg are seldom heard or seen, but are always consummate professionals when i...

Ride Out with City Manager Bryan Bradford
**Originally Posted Thursday, 17 January 2019It was a privilege to have City Manager Bryan Bradford ride out with Garland Police Association President today. In addition to seeing the streets of Garland from the view of a patrol officer, Bradford and President Matt Smith discussed a range of issues, including the future of the City and the search for Garland's next Chief of Police. The Police Association is proud to have a seat at the table for the future of our City. Together, and onl...